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Com2us Recently bring out Summoners War Chronicle for mobile and PC. Those that are interested in the game might know that there are actually 4 class in the games, and we are here to explain what they will do in the game.

Here are the 3 classes in Summoners War Chronicles, What they do, pros and cons and more! Check out this article below!

Summoners War Chronicles, 3 Class Explanation and What they do!

Summoner of Guard – Cleaf

Cleaf is a shield and mace user that mainly uses her skill to help allies including your summons.

Here you will be in the frontline, protecting your allies and helping them by defending and negating damage to his summons.

Cleaf has exceptional skills to protect and has high durability in contrast to his pretty face.


  • Very Tanky, High health and defends
  • Can defend and agro monster while you’re summon kill them
  • Balance


  • Low Damage
  • Summons damage oriented, which needs him to have at least 1 healing summons and 2 damage summons

Summoner of Magic – Orbia

Orbia is a burst damage dealer, that mainly uses her abilities to command magic by using her staff.

She is one of the highest burst DPS in the game, with the ability to use various type of magic that is going to deal massive damage to her enemies depending on the spell she use.


  • High DPS and Burst Damage
  • Variety of Spells that can be used depending on the situation
  • Less worry on elemental damage


  • Need tanky summons
  • Low Health
  • Can’t aggro or death

Summoner of Healing – Kina

Kina is a summoner that can be used as a support and healers.

She has the healing abilities that can be used to heal your summons that are low in health and thus manages the fight flow while buffing the enemies.

She however, is a little harder to use as she will need more control on the battlefield.


  • Can heal
  • Buff and Support


  • Needs to know when to heal and damage
  • a little complicated to use
  • Need a balanced team comp

Summoners War Chronicles Class and Jobs:

Hopefully this article will be of use for those that are looking forward to play the game, and for those that are looking to find the best Summoners War Chronicles class. Also, Please use this method for the monster Tier List and Summoners War Chronicles Reroll Guide:

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