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Honor of Heirs Global, a new massively multiplayer online role-playing game MMORPG developed by X-Legend Entertainment Co. Ltd, is finally released on Android and iOS mobile devices via Audere Gaming Limited.

Honor of Heirs mobile game requires players to explore a semi-colonial world with numerous divisions and perils. Here, in order to preserve world peace, players will seek the truth about Calamity and the Holy Grail alongside Merlin and Excalibur.

Players in Honor of Heirs have the option of choosing a Ranger, Warrior, or Elementalist. Elementalists and Rangers are adept at long-range combat, while Warriors are adept at close-range melee combat. Each weapon has its own abilities, and players of any class can gain any ability by using the selected weapon. Players can also use the game’s soulstone system to create combinations of skills and spells based on their preferred gameplay.

Honor of Heirs Global Version Release

In addition, Honor of Heirs and WEMIX are currently collaborating in the blockchain industry to enable players to exchange HONCO Tokens, the official token of Honor of Heirs, for a variety of attractive prizes using WEMIX. Here, players will have access to 7 Day Quest Trials that offer various prizes, including SR Soulstones and rewards.

If interested, Honor of Heirs is available on Android and iOS via the Google Play Store and App Store.

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