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There are lots of creative Minecraft players, with their own creations that can astonish the players. This time, a fan of Minecraft and One Piece presents a recreation of Onigashima in the game.

A player with the name reddit u/Heraza, presents his SMP build, where he is seen developing Onigashima in his Minecraft. The player has spent a lot of time developing the recreation of Onigashima, and fans of both are very appreciative of the world it has developed. He reportedly stated that it takes 6 days, and lots of deep slate to develop.

I built Onigashima (one piece) in my SMP !! from Minecraft

Initially, he experimented with the build in the survival world, and after experimenting for a while, he finally made the Onigashima region in the creative world with some existing materials.

This isn’t the first time, a Minecraft player has developed a world based on the anime they are interested in, where a while ago fans managed to recreate the world of Starwars, Bloodborne, and many more. The creations of the fans make a lot of people interested, with the many mods that can be used to support the various creativity of the players.

If you are interested, you can also develop your own minecraft world by downloading the game which is available on all platforms.

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