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Ragnarok Begins is going to reward those players that are playing the game since its released. The rewards will be given to players who created a character between 15 November – 18 November 2022.

Excluding those that had already received it, the players is going to get:

  • 50 Royal Jelly
  • 25 Panacea
  • 750 Diamonds
  • 2000 Costume Tickets.

Those that are interested in collecting the rewards should most definitely download the game, and install it to get the character that you wanted.

Ragnarok Online, one of the most influential MMORPGs of all time, introduces a new chapter in the franchise with Ragnarok Begins! Become the hero of a fantasy Midgard-based epic adventure! Reborn is a side-scrolling arcade-style MMORPG with a massive fantasy world full of strange monsters and legendary characters in the old Ragnarok graphic style. Explore diverse environments, from the depths of the ocean to the deserts of Morroc, complete with legendary kingdoms and fabled dungeons!

Ragnarok Begins offers a little new and interesting mobile RPG aspect, featuring the story before the tales of rune Midgard. 4 explorable Jobs and lastly offering a new strategic gameplay of the franchise.

If you are interested in the game, then please download it by using this [link here]

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