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CarX Technology just introduced CarX Street, a new auto racing game that brings the thrill of driving games like Need for Speed or Forza to your pocket. This game offers a range of cars to choose from before entering the racing area on the streets.

Like other racing games, players will be assigned to be the best racer in the mobile game and will receive money to increase the performance of their vehicle. This game gives a breath of fresh air to the vehicle racing genre by featuring a variety of elements, including those from the open world.

Various challenges can be utilized to enhance the difficulty of the game without having to load it as the game was an open-world car racing game. This new mobile game features drift competitions, conventional racing, and several racing types. The personalization feature of this game is the most intriguing aspect of this mobile game.

Download CarX Street v1.74.6

If you are interested in the auto racing genre and want to play a game in that genre, you may find it on the iOS App Store and download it.

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