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NetEase Games has released a new update for LifeAfter season 5, a survival mobile game available on Android and iOS. On December 2, the new season of Power of Mutation will premiere, and Survivor will be able to explore a new object called “Sky Eye,” which appears above the surface of the water.

Players will fight infected or mutated zombies in a new area of Ark City in the latest LifeAfter Update. New enemies, mutated infections, will be present in the new area, and they will be able to use various weapons or armor to boost their attacks. To survive in this new world, players must use their various weapons and skills.

Season 5 of LifeAfter is also being released in collaboration with Akira Yamaoka, a well-known Silent Hill composer. We can enjoy a very cool special theme song as a result of it. So, what are the secrets of Ark City, and what monsters await survivors in this new season?

LifeAfter can also be downloaded from the Android Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

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