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Fanny Mobile Legends is indeed very annoying with the high damage it has, and this seems to make Moonton nerf this hero. Assassins Fanny Mobile Legends is indeed a high-risk and high-return hero, where players who have managed to train their hand speed to play the cable on this hero can get the satisfaction of killing any hero in the game.

With the cable speed and mobility it has, Assassin Fanny presents a variety of abilities that can be used to enter the middle of a match, swipe all existing enemies, and run without any problems.

However, this hero relies heavily on the blue buff which reduces energy use so players can fly around. This makes Fanny enter the META for those who can use it, and with the few counters available, this hero is one of the heroes that is quite often used, especially by high-ranking players.

Here, Moonton seems to be aware of this and gives a nerf to the Mobile Legends hero Fanny by reducing his abilities in Early games.

Mobile Legends Fanny Nerf:

In the latest patch note, the hero will get a reduced ability nerf in Early games:

– Skill 1 gets a buff

  • Base Damage increased from 320-520 >> 320-545

– Passive gets nerfed

  • Damage while flying reduced from 15%-30% >> 10%-20%

– Attributes have been nerfed

  • HP decreased from 2526 >> 2426

The nerf given is intended to reduce damage in the early game when flying, and reduce Fanny’s health so that she can be easily killed in early games. This damage reduction also provides a buff in the late game, by increasing Fanny’s damage skill from 520 to 545 with full skill level on skill 1.

However, the nerf provided by Moonton will greatly impact the use of these hero assassins in the Early game. Yes, what do you think about the nerf given by Moonton to Fanny Mobile Legends?

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