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A Minecraft player has returned to show off his latest creation, this time JRR Tolkien’s is in Minecraft and we can get or see a recreation of Minas Morgul. Minas Morgul, for those who don’t know, is a Lord of the Rings location that Tolkien created with dedication and several mods. u/ImErik50 created this Minecraft recreation of Minas Morgul, the Dark Sorcery Tower from Lord of the Rings.

ImErik50 shared an image on Minecraft reddit that shows the building structures with extreme details. This model depicts a tall structure with the main tower soaring high in the sky, similar to the JRR Tolkien version. The structure developed here, Minas Morgul, is the most important location in Middle Earth from the game Middle Earth Shadow of War.

Pemain Minecraft ini Buat Minas Morgul dari Lord of The Rings

What’s more, by using Sildur’s Vibrant shader, we can see a dark ambience that makes the buildings looks pretty cool. This build has the same systems and various structures as the original, with the help of mods and shaders that make it look nice.

Here, players can also see several builds such as One Piece Onigashima which we previously summarized in the following article.

Minecraft Onigashima

Minecraft is a sandbox game released on Android, iOS, PC and consoles that promises freedom in the world it has. Various mods developed by the community also break the boundaries of the engine owned by Minecraft so that they can make various things in the game.

If you are interested, you can also develop your own Minecraft world by downloading the game which is available on all platforms.

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