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Apex Legends Mobile has received a new update that adds new content to the EA-owned game with new Legends Revenant. Players will receive new legends, events, content, and various shooting game improvements in this update. Apex Legends Mobile’s new Underworld update will bring new legends, battlepasses, and events to the battle royale game, which will be available on Android and iOS!

Apex Legends Mobile – Underworld Update!

The latest Apex Legends Mobile legend is Revenant, who is one of the new mercenary legends in this shooting game. Revenant, like Ash, is a human who eventually transforms into a cyborg, making him more like a robot than a human. This is due to the upgrade provided by Syndicate and Hammond Robotics, which transforms him into a cold iron rather than warm flesh. Revenant is not allowed to die, and he vows to do the same to those who created him. He is still looking for Hammond Robotics, who appears in Outlands, after 200 years.

Battle Passes:

At the end of the Champion season, we get the Underworld Battle Pass with various attractive prizes. Here, players will get a variety of weapon cosmetics, and skin for Ash.


Several events will be present along with the Apex Legends Mobile ‘Underworld’ update, here is the update information:

– Nightmare Begins:

  • Presenting the introduction of Revenant with a new mode. This new mode introduces Requim Supply bins that will be given out at several World edges and Kings Canyon and will provide a seasonal currency called Metal Skulls.

– Airdrop Escalation:

  • An event where Airdrops will be increased at a higher rate with even better weapons.

-Second Shots:

  • This battle royale mode allows players to revive team mates anytime and anywhere, allowing for even better play with new strategies to rank the enemy.

– New Year’s Kickoff:

  • The end of 2022 is coming soon, and at the beginning of the new year players will get gold, skins for several legends, and new firearms.

Interested players can take part in the above event by downloading the Apex Legends Mobile game now on Android and iOS!

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