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Reigns: Three Kingdoms, a new mobile game from Devolver Digital, is now available on Netflix Games. Those with a Netflix account can play this new game, the fifth instalment of Reigns with a new theme of the Three Kingdoms series.

The Three Kingdoms series is pretty popular for gamers inspired by the history of the epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which transports players to the Han Empire during a period of turmoil. The game presents a new experience compared to previous Regin games by developing a new system suitable for the theme.

Negotiations with various rivals, alliances, killing enemies, and much more will be available to players. Players can also explore different factions, wars, and become heroes in epic stories that they create.

In this game, players will take on the role of a beggar in order to become the leader of 14 regions in China. Reigns Three Kingdom will provide players with over 100 character cards and over 1500 card combinations to explore in this adventure. This Reign expansion is expected to include an online and offline card battle system with other players.

If you become a Netflix subscriber on Android or iOS, you can download and play Reigns: Three Kingdoms for free!

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