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Natan Mobile Legends has been included in one of the forgotten heroes since the previous nerfs, and will get a buff in the December 20 update. This update will improve Natan’s abilities overall so he can fight some annoying heroes in Mobile Legends. The buff given by Moonton will have an effect on passive, skill 1 and of course, the ultimate used by Natan in the future, check it out!

Natan Mobile Legends Buffs by Moonton


  • Natan’s basic attack changes to 20 + 50% Total Physical attack + 70% Magic Power.
  • Removed the effect of changing Physical Penetration to Magical Penetration, Now Natan can get magical penetration directly

Skill 1:

  • Bonus Damage increased to 100% Total Physical Attack + 140% Total Magic Power


  • Natan Clone gets 70% of Natan stats.

Natan’s abilities will be upgraded from marksman to Magic Marksman as a result of the buff. Nathan’s general build can be altered with the addition of Magic Power and Physical Attack, allowing him to battle and kill other foes. But what do you think about the Natan Mobile Legends build?

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