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Revamp Mobile Legends Hanabi has finally been brought out by Moonton, now we can get skills from the newest Marksman hero, here is guide information and skill explanations. Here, Moonton changes almost all of Hanabi’s skills as a whole, giving a different skill effect compared to before. On December 20, Moonton provided a new patch update for Mobile Legends players and we can get this marksman hero.

Revamp Hanabi Mobile Legends Skill Explanation Guide:


  • All of Hanabi’s basic attacks will activate Petal Blades without the requirement for mana. Petal Blades was her first skill before revamp.

First Skill:

  • Hanabi will get a shield for 5 seconds after using this skill.
  • When the shield is active, Hanabi will be immune to all CC.
  • Hanabi also gets attack speed and movement speed bonus.
  • All the damage she gives will be converted into a shield for 5 seconds during the active skills.

Second Skills:

  • This skill will also activate the petal blade, meaning that it is going to jump around
  • This skill will mark targets that hit the skill and deal full damage to attacks from Hanabi basic attack.
  • No longer restore mana.

Ultimate Skills:

  • Higanbana will trigger passive petal blades.
  • The first hero will be immobilized and will spread out after a short delay and deal AOE damage to the enemy with the same immobilized effect.

Hanabi will be even more Overpowered in the future patch and is one of the suitable heroes to utilize in the current META. What’s more, with the Marksman buff in the last few patches, accompanied by the use of the inspire spell effect, the Marksman will become incredibly dreadful to her enemies.

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