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There are many ways to install an apps, one of which is by using an APK files that can be found on the internet. However, what if you really wanted to just share the APK file that you had so that your friends or family didn’t need to download the Apps anymore. Well, you can use this list to help you convert your Apps into APK files, check it out!

Apps to Convert Apps to APK files

1. Apk Extractor by Meher

APK Extractor extracts APK files from installed applications on your Android device and saves them to your SD card. The application is quick and simple to use. It is capable of extracting virtually any application, including system applications, and does not require root access. Apk files are automatically saved to /sdcard/ExtractedApks/ and are compatible with Android 7.0. Additionally, you can extract multiple/all APKs by holding down a long click on any item.

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2. APK Extractor – Extract apps to APK by FaitAuJapon

APK Extractor simplifies the process of extracting apk files from applications. APK extractions, also known as Android Package files, are exportable archive files that can be shared via our integrated sharing feature. This enables you to maintain a particular version of the application prior to an update, for example. APK Extractor is limited to exporting APK files associated with installed applications. It will make no changes to your device or installed applications.

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3. Split APKs Installer (SAI)

SAI is an advanced APK installer that supports split APKs. Additionally, it includes an easy-to-use app backup/export feature. SAI can install applications via the standard Android API, root access, or Shizuku. SAI is an open-source application; you can access the source code at Please keep in mind that SAI only installs user-supplied files and is not responsible for the behavior of those applications.

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4. Apk Extractor Fastest & Support Split APKs Install

Apk Extractor is the most efficient and versatile method of extracting installed applications. Apk Extractor is a lightweight and intuitive application. It allow you to extracts all applications, including those that are included with the operating system. Furthermore, the app does not require access to the root directory and allows you to search for applications based on their names.

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5. APK Extractor by Infocus Tech

Extract and generate apk files for your favorite Android apps or games in a matter of seconds. Apk extractor facilitates the extraction of apk files from applications. Apk extractions or Android package files are exportable archive files that can be shared with others using our built-in sharing feature. This allows you to keep a specific version of the application prior to an update. Apk extractor can only export apk files from installed applications.

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That’s it; if you’re looking for a way to preserve your updates and install the apps at a later time when you have sufficient RAM, you can use the app mentioned above. Hopefully, the app can assist you in some way. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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