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Summoners War Chronicles is celebrating the Chinese New Year today, with new content, five-star monsters, trials, as well as an event that will keep the gameplay exciting and fresh to play.

The Year of the Rabbit event brings a lucky pouch that offers monster parts and various items that can be exchanged for rabbits with interesting rewards. This can be obtained by completing the Chinese New Year missions with dungeon challenges.

Summoners War Chronicles Chinese New Years Event

In this event, there is a new monster named Harp Magician, which has a dark type with support, healing, and buff abilities to enhance the team’s capabilities. The Harp Magician’s Ultimate ‘Ultimate Song of Switched Destiny’ has the ability to increase the damage of enemies when fatal blows hit your team.

Moreover, there will be a new monster story to introduce the Harp Magician in the game. New content such as the addition of 20 new floors for Spires of Ascension and Attribute Tower will bring interesting challenges for players, with guild requests available until January 26th.

Players who are interested can download Summoners War Chronicles now on android, iOS and PC by using emulator.

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