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In the open-world game created by Hoyoverse, the best elements of Genshin Impact has become a really good discussion. How could it not, Hoyoverse creates Genshin Impact with a diverse cast of characters, and element plays a significant role in character choosing.

The existence of the dendro element also makes the tier the game’s most dangerous element through a variety of reactions. In this instance, we will present a ranking of the strongest elements in Genshin Impact, along with an explanation of why these elements are ranked as such.

Best Elements in Genshin Impact 2023!

Best Elements in Genshin Impact


  • Although Geo is an element that is not weak, compared to other elements, Geo only has 1 elemental reaction, namely Crystallize which does not give any additional damage. Suitable for defending, but not being the strongest element in the game.


  • Anemo is a universal element that isn’t very useful when used alone. Although it has many utilities, CC, and support, this one element cannot infuse enemies with these elements such as Pyro, Cryo, Hydro, Electro and Dendro. You can still trigger swirls only when the player has an Anemo character in the game. What’s more, anemo characters are mostly healers like Jean and batteries like Venti or support like Sucrose.


  • Electro is one of the best elements that can be used in the early game. However, this element is a bit less useful in the late game, after the enemy has excess damage and health in the game. As such there are more elements that are much more powerful rather than Electro.


  • Among all, Dendro is highly dependent on elemental reactions. However, it is one of the strongest elements that can be used to kill enemies easily by itself. Mainly because the existing characters from Dendro Elements themselves were quite strong at the time of their release.


  • Cryo is the element with the best utility outside of combat and in combat. Cryo is a favourite element of Genshin Impact players. With various characters such as Eula, Ayaka, and Ganyu. Players can use this element to inflict excessive damage, CC effects, and much more using these elements.


  • Pyro in itself is a very powerful element. Players used to dominate the spiral abyss by using Pyro. Interestingly, various elemental reactions can be used using these elements, dealing not only terrible damage but also high AOE burst damage to kill enemies easily.


  • Line up to be one of the weakest elements in the past, Hydro became the best element. This is because there are many characters with Hydro elements with interesting versatility and can be used in various situations. Dendro’s presence also brings a new elemental reaction to Hydro, dealing additional damage when used together.

So what do you think about our Best Elements in Genshin Impact?

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