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Aside from watching movies, reading is one of our most favorite past time. There are so many genres with so many different worlds that are put into a book. Depending on your choice you can find so much more in that literature, from inspiration to Life goals.

So, if you are interested in reading a book or a novel now, here are some of the best novel reading apps that you can find on your android phone to read your books. Check it out!

1. Wattpad – Read & Write Stories

Novel Reading App


Wattpad is one of the best free novel reading sites online. There are so many good novels that you can find there, and you can even write your own novel if you want to. There are many Young adults book with many genres that you can explore in this app.

2. Inkitt – Free Fiction Books, Novels & Stories

Novel Reading App


If you are searching for a good YA novel with a little magic and fantasy in it, then Inkit is for you. There are around 100.000+ novels that you can pick from with plenty of genres that you can choose from. The best thing about this app is the feature to change the size and the background of your font, with it you can read without any problem and you can adjust the text easily.

3.TapRead – Novels & Comics

Novel reading app


TapRead is an app for you that like a pictured novel. There are many genres that you can choose even LGBT+ if you are into that. This apps has more fantasy settings with a lot of reincarnation tales and a little bit of romance in it. This app is perfect for those that like a more casual read.

4. Litnet – Electronic Books


Litnet is a platform for those that want to read and be a writer. It can be used to read completely finished books for free, and writers can publish their books online and get feedback from the readers.

5. English Novel Books


English Novel Books is an app that can be used to spend your time. There are so many books with different genres to read for free, and you can even save the book for offline read if you want to reduce your battery consumption.

6. Dreame



Dreame is one of the apps that lets you read romance novels for free. There are many original stories with various genres that you can find in the app and most readers and reviews are satisfied with the read overall. The only problem that I find is that there is a wait time if you want to read the stories for free.

7. Radish

Novel Reading App


If you are looking for good romance books that you want to read as bedtime stories, then you might want to start off with downloading Radish. Radish got a huge collection of YA books for free that you can read whenever you want. There are a lot of spicy stories with tons of action in the bed if you like that kind of stuff.

8. Fizzo


Fizzo is a reading app for mobile devices that offers a many immersive novels. Users can have a better reading experience when it comes to novels and stories. Now, let’s read your first favourite novel, story, or book on Fizzo, and start your reading journey with all of the other people who enjoy reading, writing, and sharing novels!

9. GoodNovel


GoodNovel is a new and popular app for reading popular web novels and books online. It has a large number of high-quality chapters and is a must-have book for web novel fans. The apps will suggest a variety of genres, including romance, mystery, fantasy, western, science fiction, fan fiction, and more.

10. Readict


Readict is a new novel reading apps, where you can read countless of novel that with collection of bestselling and authors. Many interesting genres such as drama, romance and many more can be read here for free!

11. FoxNovel


FoxNovel is a novel reading apps full of copyright and high quality novels. There are more than thousand of stories that you can read on your fingertips, with bunch of different genres that you can explore. Read it now, and enjoy your read.

12. NovelNow

NovelNow is a novel reading apps that makes reading simple, with bunch of differents free english read. There are bunch of differents genres from werewolf, romance, and many more. The app is totally free online novel platform, and you can download bunch of different romance, fictions, and many more.


Cindy is a YouTuber that made a channel called ReadwithCindy. If you like a sassy personality with dark humor and low self-esteem then you will definitely love her. She is one of our favorite YouTuber that read books, and you can definitely enjoy a lot of books in her views and review.

Hopefully, these Novel reading apps above will let you read any books whenever you want on your android phone. Most of the apps above are free to use, so if you are a fan of books definitely check them out!

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