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Yostar has just released a new update for the mobile RPG strategy game Arknights, introducing the new Season 10 Contingency Contract. After the launch of Operation Deepness in December, February sees the launch of Season 10 Operation Arising. This new content update includes new skins, furnishings, and four new operators that can be obtained through headhunting. The event is now going live and will be available until February 17.

Completing various challenge stages and raising evaluation levels will ensure players collect many new and free items. This new season also introduces the Permanent Site, which will be on par with the levels in episode 10, Shatterpoint. Manfred and The Londinium Secondary Defense Artillery once again threaten everyone.

Arknight Season 10 Contingency Contract:

All the rewards displayed in this update and more will be given by collecting Bounty Contracts. This includes new clothing for Broca called Rest Between Sets and the Arising Pendant, which is a new piece of furniture.

In addition, the Secret Sanctuary will feature the Unknown Journey clothing for Gitano along with Elite Materials, LMD, Furniture Parts, Battle Records, Chips, and other resources that can be obtained for free by players.

To make it even better, Season 10 will also feature the 10th Joint Operation in Arknights. This will give players a better chance to obtain 6-star operators such as Bagpipe, Carnelian, Magallan, and Passenger. Even some 5-star operators like Mr Nothing, Shamare, Toddifons, Mulberry, La Pluma, and Skyfire are also included in the game.

If interested, players can download the Arknight game now on android, iOS, and PC using an emulator.

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