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Nikke is currently working on a new collaboration, Nikke x Chainsaw Man, in which fans of both franchises will be able to participate in various events featuring their favorite characters in the popular gacha game. Although we don’t have many details about the collaboration just yet, we do know who will be appearing in the event.

NIKKE x Chainsaw Man collaboration?

According to what we know, characters Makima and Power will be involved in the collaboration, but some players speculate that Himeno and Kobeni will also appear. We are sceptical that Kobeni and Himeno will be involved, especially since Power and Makima are already well-known characters.

This is not the first time Chainsaw Man has appeared in a gacha game; in December 2022, the game Bloodline: Last Royal Vampire added a Chainsaw Man collaboration.

Nikke is an intriguing gacha game; despite its risqué gameplay, it has proven to be quite popular among fans. As you explore this sci-fi shooter with RPG elements, you will be treated to an exciting story. You can collect different characters and level them up. The battles are also fun, with an awesome looks from behind.

If you’re unfamiliar with Chainsaw Man, it’s an anime series that follows the character Denji, a young man with a troubled past. He encounters Pochita, a cute demon dog with a saw on its head. Following a serious incident in which Pochita becomes a part of Denji, Denji transforms into Chainsaw Man, a terrifying hero who battles demons.

The exact release date of this collaboration is not known yet, but you can download and play NIKKE on Android, iOS, and PC using an emulator!

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