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The Android 14 operating system promises to bring a game-changing feature for Android users with its built-in app cloning capability. This feature allows users to have multiple instances of the same app running on their device, each with a different login. This will be especially useful for gaming and social media apps, where users often have multiple accounts. The ability to log into multiple accounts on the same app without having to switch between them will save users time and hassle.

Android 14

For example, if you’re a gamer, you can now play the same game on different accounts without having to log in and out repeatedly. This also opens up a world of opportunities for gacha players, as they can now keep cloning the app and logging in with a guest account, instead of repeatedly deleting and clearing data. The same goes for social media and chat apps, where you can now have separate accounts for work and leisure.

It’s worth noting that some Android devices already have app cloning capabilities, but this feature has not been universally available on all devices. However, with the release of Android 14, all Android users will be able to enjoy this convenient feature.

The Android 14 release is currently in developer preview, with a tentative release date set for June 2023. This highly anticipated update is expected to bring many new features and improvements to the Android operating system, and the built-in app cloning capability is just one of the many reasons to look forward to its release.

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