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Mobile Legends, the popular MOBA game played by millions of players worldwide, continues to innovate by releasing new heroes to add more excitement to the game. After the release of a new fighter hero named Arlott, Mobile Legends is now preparing to design a new marksman hero named Ixia.

Recently, the official Twitter account @txtmlbb, which is known for leaking MLBB updates, posted about the upcoming marksman hero named Ixia that is currently in the survey phase. According to the game’s lore, Ixia is a close friend of the popular marksman hero, Layla. Ixia has a purple hair and possesses the ability to shoot with various cool skills.

The post shows Ixia’s physical appearance and the visual effects of its in-game skills. As previously mentioned, Ixia will have various weapon modes that resemble the popular marksman hero, Beatrix. From the post, it can be concluded that Ixia will be an exciting marksman hero to play.

Ixia Mobile Legends

Ixia Mobile Legends

However, it is still unknown when this new marksman hero will be released in the original server or advance server. Currently, Ixia is still in the survey phase and has to wait for the mage hero named Novaria to be released first.

Nevertheless, this does not diminish the excitement of Mobile Legends players to try out this new and interesting marksman hero, Ixia.

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