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If you’re planning on downloading Eversoul, a popular anime RPG mobile game, you may be wondering about the file size and how it will impact your device’s storage.

However with awesome graphics and animation, there are many people wondering how much is the file size to play Eversoul, the anime RPG games. In this article we are going to give out the file to install the game, and how much do you need to have in your storage space to play the game.

Eversoul File Size:

Download Eversoul

To play Eversoul, players will need to have a total storage space of at least 6GB on their device. While the initial download file is only around 100MB, the additional data and updates required to play the game will take up 6GB of storage space. To download the game, you can use the provided link.

Eversoul is a new anime RPG mobile game that combines gacha elements and town building. Players can obtain various characters through gacha and use their skills to defeat enemies, and also build a town for the characters they have obtained. The game is available for download on Android.

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