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Magic Survival is one of our most favorite games currently. The premise of the game is simple, you play as a little mage that can use many spells, your goal is to survive as long as you can while fighting and battling the spirits that are coming for you. The game is very fun to play, easy to understand, but really hard to master. So here we will give you some of the tips and tricks that are definitely going to help you in the game.

1. Spells X Equipments= power!

In this game, aside from spell, there are going to be some equipment that are going to increase the effectiveness of your spell. Before upgrading your spell, if you could you should definitely get at least one piece of equipment by exploring the vicinity of the map. For example, there is an item called the brand of satan, that is going to spray Fireball every way after you fire 66 Fireballs. If you combine with the ability of penetration and fire 2 firebolts each time. It is going to be an awesome way to kill the enemies that come to you.

2. Looping < One way

In my experience of playing the game, the game usually spawns Mp globe when you loop around it. So go away from the area, and then come back to that place. If you are lucky, there is going to be 3-4 Mp globe when you come back.

3.  Spell Fusion

If you didnt know yet, when you level up 2 max level spell, you are able to combine both into a one really powerful spell. However not every spell is fusionable, and you will probably need to see our spell fusion guide!

4. Wizards ++

personally, I suggest that you master the basic class, Wizards, because of its ability to increase your level by 4 at the start of each run. This will easily help you increase your spell level, while keeping the enemy strength low.

5. Enemy Types

There are 2 types of enemies that is going to kill you in the game. Self Sacrifice one, and those that are going to chase and block you wherever you go. Both are annoying to dealt with, however, it is not like they can’t be killed. Now, for the high damage one, Self Sacrifice or self bombing one will usually have a red blob in the middle. It is pretty noticeable, and they will hit hard, so avoid them when you are surrounded. The blocking one is the usual one that chases you and blocks your movement while dealing damage per second.

6. Subject/Character

Currently, there are 5 Characters that you can play in the game, each with its advantages.

  • Human:Unlock Cost: Free Bonus: MP Gains +5%
  • Elf:Unlock Cost: P 2000 Bonus: HP Recovery per sec +0.1%
  • Demons:Unlock Cost: P 2000 Bonus: Attack +5%
  • Spirits:Unlock Cost: P 2000 Bonus: Magic Cooldown -2%
  • Jack o Lantern:Unlock Cost: P 2000 Bonus: Cloaking Level +1. Character Size +15%

Note: points can be obtained by playing the game.

7. Research

Research can be reset as you want, but what works for me is the ability to recover my health and mp gains to increase my survival ability in the long run. Reduce damage taken, and increase damage is also very helpful as the game pass.

Hopefully, these little tips are going to help you in the game. Magic survival is a free-to-play a mobile game on Android and iOS. It is a fun casual game, with a lot of strategy behind it.

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