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The upcoming hero aside from Novaria that are coming soon in Mobile Legends is finally known, the Hero is leaks by a leakers with the codename Esteban.

Mobile Legends, the popular MOBA game developed by Moonton, always strives to provide an exciting gaming experience for its players. One of the things that makes the game exciting is the introduction of new heroes with unique abilities. This changes the meta within the game and challenges players to explore new strategies.

Upcoming Hero is Name Esteban Mobile Legends

Esteban Mobile Legends

Moonton has recently conducted a survey to gauge interest in a new hero that they plan to release. The @txtmlbb Twitter account has provided details about the upcoming hero, which is an assassin-type that requires advanced mechanical skills to master. The hero will feature purple ornamentation on all of its skills.

Moonton has given the code name Esteban to the new hero. According to the game’s lore, Esteban has a strong connection to one of the game’s marksmen, Natan. However, Moonton has not yet revealed the full extent of Esteban’s abilities.

For players of Mobile Legends, this news is certainly exciting. However, there is currently no official release date for Esteban, as Moonton has several other heroes in development, including Novaria, as well as other heroes from surveys.

As players, we need to exercise patience and continue to focus on improving our gaming skills. Who knows, Esteban could become one of our favorite heroes in Mobile Legends. Stay tuned for further updates on this new hero from Moonton.

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