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Looking for a comprehensive Eversoul Naiah guide to help you navigate this exciting new gacha RPG? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll cover all the essential information you need to get started with Naiah and help you optimize her skills and artifacts for maximum effect.

Eversoul is a thrilling RPG that places a heavy emphasis on strategic combat. With a cast of beautifully animated anime characters known as Souls, players must carefully position their team members to achieve victory in battle. But that’s not all – players can also manage their own town, assigning part-time jobs and defending against hordes of monsters.

Naiah, one of the most popular Souls in Eversoul, is a powerful mage who specializes in putting her enemies to sleep. Her skills and artifacts are designed to make the most of her unique abilities and give her an edge in combat.

Eversoul Naiah Skill Guide:

To the Endless Dream – Ultimate Skill:

  • Naiah’s ultimate skill locks enemies in an eternal dream, dealing damage equal to 260% of attack to all enemies and putting them to sleep for 4 seconds. This powerful ability can be a game-changer in tough battles, allowing Naiah and her team to take down multiple enemies at once.

Dream-eating Fairy – Sub Skill:

  • Naiah’s sub skill, the dream fairy Max, eats up other’s dreams. This skill deals damage to enemies equal to 140% of attack, and if the enemy is sleeping, it absorbs up to 12% of the target’s maximum HP. This makes it an effective tool for taking down sleeping enemies, while also dealing significant damage.

Time to Say Good Night – Main:

  • Naiah’s main skill, “Time to Say Good Night,” is a lullaby that induces sleep. This skill deals damage equal to 220% of attack to the enemy, making it a useful tool for taking down powerful foes while also putting them to sleep.

Dream Powder – Passive:

  • Naiah’s passive skill, “Dream Powder,” makes the enemy drowsy. Enemies that have been hit by 7 of Naiah’s normal attacks will be put to sleep for 3.5 seconds. This makes Naiah a valuable asset in battles where crowd control is essential.

Deep Sleep – Sub:

  • Naiah’s sub skill, “Deep Sleep,” attacks the enemy with the highest attack. This skill deals damage equal to 130% of attack and puts them to sleep for 4 seconds with a 50% chance. This skill is useful for targeting high-priority targets and taking them out quickly.

Naiah’s Dust of Sandman Artifact Guide:

Naiah’s artifact, “Dust of Sandman,” allows her to attack the enemy with the highest attack, dealing damage equal to 130% of her attack power. It also puts the enemy to sleep for 4 seconds with a 50% chance. Upon upgrading the artifact to level 6, Naiah’s overall mana recovery will increase to 2000. This artifact is a must-have for players who want to maximize Naiah’s potential in battle.

In addition to her skills and artifacts, Naiah’s faction advantages and party buffs can also be used to win battles. Eversoul allows players to collect a wide variety of Souls from six different factions, each with unique skills and animations. By strategically forming squads and using faction advantages and party buffs, players can gain an edge in battles and take down even the toughest enemies.

Eversoul also allows players to create and explore their own towns, interact with their Souls, and complete missions while slaying monsters. With compelling storylines, auto battles with idle mechanics, and a rich gameplay experience that includes climbing the Arena leaderboard, facing off against epic bosses, and exploring labyrinths, Eversoul offers a complete PvE and PvP experience for players.

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