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Regardless of what phone you use, document reading apps is probably some of the most useful apps on your phone. This is especially true for those that work from home and phones are essential. If you are in need of the best app that you can use to read your phone documents, here are some of the best android apps that read and all document formats as a viewer in 2023, check it out!

Best Android Apps that Reads All Document Format Viewer

1. Librera Reader

Librera Reader is a lightweight and free book reading application that will consume almost any e-book format for example PDF, EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI, DJVU, FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, RTF, AZW, AZW3, HTML, ODT, XPS, CBZ, CBR, TIFF, PDB, MHT, and OPDS. It also supports reading aloud using the TTS engine that is installed on your device.

The app is just under 14MB in size, with a feature-rich and highly customizable interface to provide the most comfortable reading experience possible on an Android device. Librera Reader is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all of your reading apps.


2. WPS Office

WPS Office-Free Office Suite for Word, PDF, Excel is an all-in-one office suite that integrates Word documents, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Forms, Cloud Storage, Online Editing, Template library, and Sharing. Mobile devices allow you to scan PDF files, edit slides, convert spreadsheets, and view documents, among other WPS Office functions.


3. All Document Reader

All Document reader is a quick and easy app for reading Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents. You can view all of your documents on your phone by using the document reader app. All Document Reader is a program for viewing, reading, and sharing various types of document files. You should use Quick Document Reader for Android.

The document viewer is used to view a variety of files such as Docx, PPT, Excel, and XLS. Take your lectures in document format and read them on your phone. All Document Reader supports a wide range of office viewer formats, including DOC, PowerPoint, XLSX, PPT, and PDF Reader. Open notes from office tasks and school lectures on your phone. You can also open XlS files, word documents, and pdf files containing data sheets. All Documents Reader is a PDF viewer that can open and view all PDF files. With a single tap on the open with document reader option, you can open any document.


4. All Document Reader and Viewer

All Document Reader and Viewer is a robust office viewer application! This is an intelligent office file reader application that allows you to open office, read PDFs, and read all documents. The all document viewer app allows you to open and view any file on your mobile device. You can manage all files and read all documents in PDF, PPT, XLS, TXT, or WORD file format without opening the computer.


5. Document Reader

Do you have documents on your phone that you are unable to open? The solution is Document Reader! It is a free application that supports Word (doc, docx), Sheet (xls, xlsx), Slide (ppt, pptx), PDF,TXT,ZIP, RAR, and RTF file formats. The Document Viewer program opens all of your documents. It would be very useful for people who only want to view documents and do not require any editing features. It is a simple and light app. It takes up less space on your phone. It processes files quickly, allowing you to open or view your documents.


6. Office Suite Doc Reader

The All Documents Viewer: Office Suite Doc Reader allows you to view and read a variety of document formats including Doc & Docx, pdf, ppt, xls, txt, odt, rtf, html, and others. Docs offline reader will provide an excellent reading experience in the All Documents Viewer: Office Suite Doc Reader app. Office Suite: All Documents Viewer Docs Viewer, Docx Reader, PDF Reader, ppt reader, Rtf viewer, txt reader, html viewer, and is an all-in-one complete office suite that easily reads/views your document files. Document reading app is associated with Docs. Docx & Office Suite Doc Reader is an All Documents Viewer. It is a document viewer app files.


7.  All Document Reader & Viewer by Andromeda App

All Document Reader & Viewer: Read all PDF files, Word documents, Excel documents, PowerPoint presentations, and other documents.  For more information, see the Document Reader: PDF Viewer allows users to view a variety of documents, including Sheet Documents, Word Documents, Slide Documents, PDF Documents, XLS Documents, TXT Documents, PUB Documents, RAR Documents, RIP Documents, PPT Documents, and others. In other words, the Document app assists users in opening and reading all files on their Android smartphone. Furthermore, due to its small size (around 29M), Document Reader: PDF Viewer is expected to take up less space and run more smoothly than usual.


The app listed above not only works well but is also very lightweight. It won’t take a lot of space, but it works wonders for those that had problems with opening a document on their phone should definitely check out the All document reader app above. Thank you for taking your time for reading this article, hope that it will help you in any way!

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