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Mobile Legends Advance Server has recently released the latest update patch, 1.7.66, and buff some of the heroes in the game. For those that are interested in the information, here are the information in details.

Mobile Legends 1.7.66 Heroes Buff


  • Esmeralda has received a slight increase in damage to make her more competitive compared to other EXP laners.
  • Her Basic Attack now has first damage of 90% Physical Attack (up from 80%) and second damage of 100 +65% Magic Power (up from 100 +55% Magic Power).
  • Her Skill 2 has also been improved, with the cooldown reduced from 5.5-3.5s to 4.5-3.5s.


  • Freya has received optimizations to her gameplay with several changes to her skills.
  • She can now move faster through walls with Leap of Faith and the foreswing time on the third hit of Spirit Combo has been reduced.
  • However, the airtime when performing this skill is now shorter than before.
  • In addition, her Spirit Combo has been adjusted to be more reasonable.
  • Her Skill 1 now moves more easily through obstacles, and her Skill 2 has an increase in base damage, final damage, and shield.


  • Paquito has also received a buff to his skills to make him more resilient in mid and late game as a fighter.
  • His Skill 1 has an increase in shield from 150-500 +110% Physical Attack to 150-550 +120% Physical Attack.


  • Layla has received several reversals from her previous nerfs.
  • Her Skill 2 now has a cooldown reduction from 8s to 7.5-6.5s, and her Physical Attack growth has increased from 6.5 to 7.5.


  • Alpha has been buffed with experimental changes to Beta’s laser growth rate.
  • The laser now deals true damage and provides additional damage of 80 (+8 per level) (+100% extra physical attack).
  • With this buff, Alpha can deal more damage to enemies and strengthen its role as a reliable fighter hero in battles.


  • Joy has been buffed in her Skill 2 to make it easier to use and improve her durability.
  • Her Skill 2 now has a cooldown reduction from 12-9s to 10-8s, and a new effect that provides a shield when hitting enemies.

In Patch 1.7.66 of Mobile Legends, several heroes have been buffed, including Esmeralda, Freya, Paquito, Layla, Alpha, and Joy. These buffs include increases in damage, adjustments to skills, the addition of effects to skills, and improvements in durability.

However, along with these buffs, there are also heroes that have experienced a decrease in damage, such as Badang. In addition, there are changes to emblem talents and equipment that affect gameplay.

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