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Badang will be getting a huge nerfs because of the previous patch updates in Mobile Legends. Mobile Legends is a popular MOBA game that has been gaining a lot of attention recently. With the release of the latest update, Patch 1.7.66, the developers at MOONTON Games decided to test the old Emblem system once again before introducing their new update.

Badang, a hero that was too dominant in the previous version, received a nerf in the form of decreased damage during the early and mid-game to maintain game balance. This is because he received a buff on his knockback effect, making his stun even more frustrating. Furthermore, his damage was too strong, prompting Mobile Legends to reduce the damage he inflicts during the early and mid-game.

Badang Nerfs Mobile Legends 1.7.66


  • Skill 1: Base Damage 160-260 → 140-240; Explosion Damage 120-195 → 110-185
  • Ultimate: Base Damage 80-140 → 70-130; Explosion Damage 40-70 → 35-65

So far, Badang is the only hero to receive a nerf in the game Mobile Legends in the upcoming Patch 1.7.66. It should be noted that these buffs and nerfs were only released in the advance server and have not been made available in the original server yet. It remains to be seen whether Badang will still be a part of the META in the future.

With these changes, it is hoped that the gameplay in Mobile Legends will become more balanced and enjoyable for all players. Stay tuned for more updates on future patches and hero changes in Mobile Legends.

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