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Adopt Me, the popular virtual pet game on Roblox, has launched its first-ever toy line in collaboration with Jazwares and Uplift Games. The toy line features three separate lines: six standard 8″ stuffed animals, 2″ plastic Mystery Pets, and 5″ Surprise Plush Pets.

These toys can be purchased from retailers in the US, UK, and Australia. The 8″ stuffed animals come in six variations and cost an estimated $20 USD per plush, while the 5″ Surprise Plush Pets come in 12 variations and cost an estimated $40 per plush. The 2″ Mystery Pets come in 24 variations and cost an estimated $15 per figure.

The collaboration between Adopt Me! and Jazwares is expected to continue in the future, with plans to release more toys. The release of the toy line provides players with a way to experience their favorite virtual pets in real life and create their own future nostalgia in the physical world.

Despite the success of the Adopt Me toy line, there have been reports of scalpers purchasing the toys in mass amounts and reselling them for a higher price on websites such as Amazon and Walmart.

Adopt Me! plans to release an Adopt Me! x Squishmallows plush on July 1, 2023, costing $20. This collaboration with Squishmallows is the first time the stuffed animal giant has been in the Roblox space, with Jazwares opening a Squishmallows experience on the platform in December 2021. The success of the Adopt Me! toy line provides a foundation for future collaborations and releases.

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