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Welcome to Melatonin, a rhythm game that explores the fascinating relationship between dreams and reality. The game is currently so popular as a new way to chill and relax. However the game is currently being released only in PC, but as many people ask for it. Is there Melatonin Mobile Game in Android and iOS? Here we are going to answer it.

About Melatonin Game:

Melatonin is a rhythm game available on PC by using steam that focuses on the relationship between dreams and reality. The game features hand-drawn visuals and vibrant music that is integrated with the gameplay to create a seamless experience for players.

The game contains over 20 levels spread across five chapters, each level introducing a new song. Players can unlock a hard mode to test their rhythm skills, or use a level editor to create their own rhythm game levels. The game also includes practice mode and various assist features to help players navigate the levels.

Overall, Melatonin offers a unique and immersive gaming experience that combines music and visuals with an intriguing narrative about the main character’s life and dreams.

Can Melatonin be Played in Mobile?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is, Melatonin developer currently had no plans regarding the mobile release. However, it didn’t seem that the developer which is Half Asleep said anything regarding the game, and the mobile version might not be impossible.

Note that any mobile version of Melatonin is Fake, and those that you had seen aside from in the official website either Google Play Store or iOS App Store is not true and full of malware.

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