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If you’re playing Eversoul, you’re probably wondering how to make your characters stronger and increase their maximum level. The answer is Ascension, the main system of progression in Eversoul. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Ascension in Eversoul.

How to Enter the Ascension Screen

  1. Open Eversoul and go to the main lobby.
  2. From the main lobby, head toward The Ark.
  3. Once you’re in The Ark, press on the Ascend Soul tile.
  4. You will now be taken to the Ascension screen.

Character Types in Eversoul

There are three main character types in Eversoul:

  1. Common characters (white background). These characters don’t have any uses, so we suggest enabling the option to automatically discard them after pulling them (you can do it in The Ark too). You can use the Dust obtained from discarding them to purchase Rare/Epic Shards in the shop. Max LVL 40
  2. Rare characters (blue background ). Perfect in the early game, but change it with Epic grade characters. Max LVL 60
  3. Epic characters (purple background). These are the unique characters in Eversoul that will form the core of your team. Max LVL 100

Also, each of the 3 character types has a limit on how far they can be ascended.

  • Common characters have no further ascension beyond their starting rarity,
  • Rare characters can ascend up to Legendary+ rarity.
  • Epic characters can reach the highest ascension level of Transcended rarity.

Combining Characters

Here are the important things that you need to know about Combining Characters in Eversoul:

  • Combining – this is when you merge two identical Epic characters into one Epic+ character. You can do this as soon as you have two matching characters from Epic rarity, without any risk of making a mistake.
  • Combining also applies to Rare characters, but you need three copies of the same character – just like the Epic combination, this is also a safe move, so go ahead and do it whenever you have three matching characters from Rare rarity.

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