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Eversoul is probably one of the most anticipated and fun gacha games right now. Not only because it is fun to play with tons of things to do, but there are so many things to do and it is going to be a little hard, especially for beginners. Here we are going to list out some of the guide for beginners to play Eversoul.

Eversoul Beginners Guide

1. Use Redeem Codes:

Redeem codes are the codes that can be used to further enhance your gameplay. This type of code can be use to give you more gems that can be used for gacha and to pull for more characters in the game.

2. Reroll can be use but not necessarily

Even if you reroll, you won’t be able to get the Angels and Demons banners that is better in the game. So basically just play the game, and pull when there is a rate up. Also in the first 2 weeks, you might be able to get 100-150 pulls from tickets and events, so just play the game without using reroll.

3. Release Soul Screen

You can immediately release normal rarity unite by using the check box on the screen.

4. Team Building:

  • Keep your main characters 5 or more levels above the rest of your teams that you use to help you progress faster.
  • The first 6 Chapters won’t be needing Faction Abuse or so, Just use your higher DPS characters to help you win the game more.
  • Use synergy after chapter 7 and more

5. Free Characters

  • There is going to be a free Rebecca in Chapter 5 which is an anti-healer to counter healing teams in chapter 7 and more. So utilize them if you didn’t get any.
  • The hire Soul Feature will basically let you hire free characters from your friends list and then use them to progress much better in the stages.

6. Don’t Open the Resource Box when you are still winning

Note that based on the story progression you will get more items.

There you have it, the beginner tips for Eversoul, and this is the guide for those that are wanting to play the game. Hopefully, this will be able to help you in many ways.

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