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Merge Mansion One of the most popular puzzle games because of its Mystery is finally being released on Android. Those interested can check them out below, but first, let us talk about the Pedro Pascal Mobile Game Ad that he works on with Merge Mansion.

Merge Mansion Pedro Pascal Mobile Game Ad Trailer:

Actor Pedro Pascal has appeared in a series of Merge Mansion commercials, portraying Tim Rockford, a detective who aims to solve the mysteries of “Grandma’s” house. In a recent interview, Pascal explained that his love for mysteries and new opportunities in the world of content creation is what drew him to participate in the commercials. Pascal also expressed admiration for the game’s tone and atmosphere, which immerses players in its mystery.

Merge Mansion is a puzzle discovery game from Finnish company Metacore with more than 800,000 daily players as of 2021, according to TechCrunch, and close to $40 million in annual revenue. Pascal is the second major actor to appear in commercials for the app, following Kathy Bates.

The actor’s participation in the ads was also motivated by his interest in exploring new content spaces as a performer. Pascal expressed his openness to taking on an expanded story for Rockford, should the opportunity arise.

About Merge Mansion:

Merge Mansion is a mobile game that revolves around the mysterious story of Maddie’s family mansion, which has been empty for over 40 years. As a player, you help Maddie restore and renovate the mansion and gardens while uncovering the secrets of the Boulton family’s past.

The game involves relaxing puzzles that require matching and merging to restore the mansion, clean up the gardens, and find hidden discoveries. With each renovation area, Maddie uncovers more about her family history, but new secrets keep emerging. Players get to solve puzzles while discovering new twists in the story, making it an intriguing game.

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