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Devsisters, the masterminds behind the popular mobile RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom, have just released a mouthwatering update packed with fresh content. This update brings two brand-new Cookies, various adjustments, treasures, resonant topics, and engaging in-game events. Among these, the “Legend of the Red Dragon” event stands out as a must-not-miss experience for players.

2 New Cookies Coming to The Games Cookie Run Kingdom

Let’s kick off with the star attractions: the new Cookies. First up is the enigmatic Pitaya Dragon Cookie, also known as the Red Dragon or Greenish Red Dragon. This Dragon rarity Cookie belongs to the Charge type and excels in the Front position. Long-time players may remember encountering Pitaya Dragon Cookie as the final boss of Hollyberry Palace in version 2.0.

Not only that, the new Ambush Epic Cookie, Royale Margarine Cookie will be coming to the game. As the last member of the Dragon Rider Clan, the arrival of Royal Margarine Cookie in Dragon City causes great excitement. Accompanied by the fire-breathing Buttercream, they make a formidable team in battles.

More Episode Update “Legends of the Red Dragon”

One of the highlights of this update is the special episode, “Legends of the Red Dragon,” which delves into the captivating story of the two new Cookies. Players can unlock this episode after completing the Cookie Odyssey or by using Crystals. Embark on a quest to complete the Red Dragon Collection and earn a plethora of rewards along the way.

Another exciting event to look forward to is the Hall of Encounter. Engage in various missions to earn points required for upgrading the Hall. A fully upgraded Hall unlocks Random Reward Chests containing valuable items like Monument Fragments, Unity Essence, Draconic Toppings, and Crystals. Strengthen your progress by maximizing the rewards from this event.

To enhance the experience of obtaining desired Cookies, the update introduces the Chance Up system. The first wave includes the Hollyberry Cookie, Wildberry Cookie, and Royal Margarine Cookie. Players can select two Cookies for a Chance Up, significantly increasing their chances of obtaining these sought-after characters.

Immerse yourself in the delectable world of Cookie Run: Kingdom and enjoy the latest update featuring new Cookies, exciting events, and engaging storylines. Download the game for free and join in the sweet adventure today in Android and iOS!

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