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Prepare for an epic strategy experience with Project C&C, the highly anticipated upcoming title from Level Infinite. Currently in closed beta testing for Android devices in select regions, this game draws inspiration from the beloved Command & Conquer series, a renowned name in the real-time strategy genre.

Project C&C offers players an immersive open-world strategy system, delivering real-time operations that transform the battlefield into a dynamic and thrilling environment. Your ultimate objective? Expand your territory and establish your dominance in this ever-evolving world.

Project C&C Gameplay:

Players can devise ingenious strategies to conquer vast lands on a shared map, teeming with opponents from across the globe. Harness valuable resources, pioneer groundbreaking weapon technology for your formidable army and air force, and forge powerful alliances to conquer towns, regions, and ultimately, the entire world.

Currently, the closed beta test for Project C&C is underway in Thailand and Germany, running from May 18th, 00:15 UTC, to May 22nd, 04:00 UTC. Please note that the test pack has been removed from the Google Play Store, rendering the store link inaccessible until the conclusion of the test period.

In anticipation of the game’s global release, the makers of Project C&C have assured players that more tests are on the horizon, though details are yet to be revealed. Be sure to stay updated with the latest news and announcements on our official website and join our vibrant community on the official Discord server. Gear up for an unprecedented strategy adventure with Project C&C. Prepare to conquer, command, and leave your indelible mark on the world.

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