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When it comes to mobile operating systems, Apple’s iOS has a well-deserved reputation for its rapid adoption rates. Unlike Android, iOS offers a consistent user experience, free from various manufacturer customizations. Apple’s control over both hardware and software development adds to the efficiency of their updates. The latest statistics reveal the outstanding success of iOS 16, released just last September, with an astonishing 81% presence on iPhones worldwide. This figure jumps even higher to an impressive 90% when considering iPhones launched in the past four years.

iOS 16 has quickly established itself as the dominant operating system for iPhones. Since its release, it has claimed an impressive 81% market share among all iPhones. The adoption rate reaches an astounding 90% when focusing on iPhones launched in the past four years. This achievement can be attributed to the seamless user experience offered by iOS 16, which has captivated iPhone users worldwide.

While iOS 16 is leading the way, some iPhones still operate on earlier versions. Around 13% of all iPhones, including 8% of those released in the past four years, run on iOS 15 or earlier iterations. This highlights the diversity of user preferences and device capabilities, despite the overwhelming success of iOS 16.

Apple’s iPad, a popular choice among consumers, also demonstrates a noteworthy adoption rate for its latest operating system. Currently, 71% of all iPads run on iPadOS 16, while an additional 20% operate on the previous version, iPadOS 15. Among iPads released within the past four years, iPadOS 16 maintains a commanding 76% market share, followed by iPadOS 15 at 18%. These numbers indicate the loyalty of iPad users and their enthusiasm for embracing the latest enhancements and features offered by Apple’s software updates.

In contrast to iOS 16’s triumph, the latest statistics from Google, released in April, reveal a different story for the Android ecosystem. Android 13, the latest version introduced in August, has achieved only a modest 12% adoption rate across all devices. This discrepancy emphasizes the efficiency and widespread acceptance of Apple’s iOS updates, further solidifying their dominance in the market.

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