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Among the various events in Mobile Legends New The Aspirants event stands out as one of the best, It brings a unique theme and anime-style skins, making it a must-try for anime fans looking to gacha for new skins.

That’s right, we’re referring to The Aspirants skin line, which already features four members: Layla, Fanny, Ruby, and Angela. You may recall the two silhouettes that appeared at the entrance for Fanny and Layla. Well, it seems their owners have been revealed. Which heroes are they?

Lesley and Chang’e Get the Newest The Aspirants Skins in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends New Aspirant Skins

The two heroes set to join The Aspirants are Chang’e and Lesley. Judging from the leaked silhouettes, their designs will likely align with the two surveys conducted. Survey 1 is speculated to represent Lesley, while Survey 2 is expected to be for Chang’e.

It’s exciting to see their appearances, as they perfectly capture The Aspirant’s theme. Particularly noteworthy is Chang’e’s design, which blends mecha elements with her adorable characteristics, reminiscent of Nana’s Epic skin.

When Will The New Mobile Legends Aspirant Skins Be Released?

As for the release date, it remains uncertain as there have been no leaks indicating a specific timeline. We’ll have to wait for further updates. This is understandable since creating high-quality skins requires ample preparation time, especially considering the intricate effects, idle animations, and more. Such attention to detail necessitates meticulous planning. However, there’s a possibility that they will be released sometime in 2023.

The expansion of The Aspirants skin line in Mobile Legends brings excitement to players, with Lesley and Chang’e rumored to be the next heroes to receive these coveted skins. Stay tuned for more information and updates. Which hero are you most excited to see in The Aspirants lineup?

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