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Attention, Cookie Run: Kingdom fans! Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey with the release of the highly anticipated Version 4.6 update. Devsisters has treated us to a brand new update, filled with captivating additions that will keep you hooked. Let’s explore the exciting features and enhancements that await us in this update!

2 New Cookies Joining in The Fun

Version 4.6 introduces two incredible new Cookies to Cookie Run: Kingdom. Meet Snapdragon Cookie, a Support type Cookie that fights from the rear. With their skill, Arcane Blossom, Snapdragon Cookie grants numerous benefits to allies, including stun resistance, increased attack, an HP shield, and more.

Additionally, we have Tarte Tatin Cookie, a Ranged type Cookie known for her skill, Cannonade, which reduces cooldown time and shackles enemies. Expect intense gameplay with these powerful additions.

Cookie Run Kingdom Update New Story, Super Mayhem Season and More!

Cookie Run: Kingdom

In Version 4.6 of Cookie Run: Kingdom, the captivating Legends of the Red Dragon questline continues as Hollyberry Cookie and Pitaya Dragon Cookie embark on the next thrilling chapter. Prepare for new challenges, rewards, and exciting adventures by completing the final stage of Part One, titled “To the Valley.”

Additionally, get ready for intense battles in the Dragon’s Valley during the Super Mayhem season, where Cookies and Cookie Skill Levels are boosted to level 60. Test your skills and conquer this challenging season as you disable the bonus effects of Toppings, leaving only their primary effects active.

And don’t forget to express your style with the captivating new costumes available, such as the Dragon City Vagabond for Tarte Tatin Cookie, the noble Noble Dragon Rider for Royale Margarine, the mysterious Sovereign of the Abyss for Black Pearl Cookie, or the celestial appearance of the Celestial Messenger for Sherbet Cookie.

With the Version 4.6 update of Cookie Run: Kingdom, Devsisters has brought us a wealth of excitement and adventure. Experience the power of Snapdragon Cookie and Tarte Tatin Cookie, and continue the captivating Legends of the Red Dragon questline.

Engage in intense battles during the Super Mayhem season in Dragon’s Valley. Don’t forget to enhance your Cookies’ appearance with the captivating new costumes. Update your app now and embark on an epic adventure in Cookie Run: Kingdom Version 4.6!

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