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Mobile Legends New Emblem, In an exciting announcement, MOONTON has unveiled Project NEXT 2023 with the tagline #NEXTFORU, a yearly campaign bringing major updates to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The chosen tagline, #NEXTFORU, showcases MLBB’s commitment to its players and its ever-evolving spirit towards satisfaction.

As part of Project NEXT, one of the significant updates comes in the form of an emblem revamp set to launch on June 27, 2023. This new emblem system provides MLBB players with greater flexibility and creativity in their gameplay.

Mobile Legends Emblem Gets Revamped and Some Removed

The emblem update introduces several changes to the previous system. Previously consisting of nine categories, including physical, magical, tank, marksman, mage, support, fighter, support, and jungle, the emblem count has now been reduced to seven.

The physical and magical emblems have been merged into the basic emblem, while the jungle emblem has been removed. With this update, players can choose from the basic, tank, marksman, mage, support, fighter, and assassin emblems.

These changes offer players the opportunity to create new emblem combinations and unlock the latest META heroes. Players with access to the advanced server can even try out these new emblems ahead of time, enabling them to develop new strategies and enhance their in-game performance.

New Emblem System is Coming to Mobile Legends:

New Emblem System is Coming to Mobile Legends

While the emblem system undergoes changes, players need not worry about their emblem levels being reset to zero after the update. Additionally, the emblems have been optimized to reduce the burden on devices and RAM, thereby improving overall gameplay performance.

During the drafting phase, players can freely adjust their emblems. Each hero will have three sets of emblems that can be customized according to the player’s preference. The process of upgrading emblems will no longer require Battle Points but can be done using magic dust or emblem fragments.

The new emblem designs have been updated to be more user-friendly based on player feedback. While there have been changes, certain elements of the previous emblem designs have been retained to facilitate easy adaptation for players.

With these emblem updates, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang continues to strengthen its thrilling and innovative gameplay experience for its dedicated players. Stay tuned for the latest Mobile Legends updates and explore the game with these exciting new emblems!

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