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A controversial tweet recently appeared on Tower of Fantasy official Twitter page, revealing that the PlayStation version of the game will not support crossplay or cross-progression. However, Tower of Fantasy’s choice to omit crossplay and cross-progression features has faced significant criticism.

The essence of Tower of Fantasy lies in its open-world gacha MMO experience, allowing players to enjoy the game with friends and individuals worldwide. By limiting access to PC and mobile players only, PlayStation users will miss out on the true potential of Tower of Fantasy.

Consequently, there will likely be a noticeable decline in the number of players on each server. This could pose challenges in defeating certain bosses and result in longer queues for content. Moreover, the absence of crossplay means that many players will be unable to enjoy the game alongside their friends, which contradicts the fundamental concept of an open-world MMO.

There Won’t Be A Cross Progression System in The PS Version – Tower of Fantasy

Furthermore, the elimination of cross-progression prevents mobile users who intended to transition to the console version from doing so. Consequently, they will be forced to continue playing on their current devices.

Existing Tower of Fantasy players currently benefits from seamless switching between mobile and PC through the available cross-progression feature. Unfortunately, the same convenience will not be available for those eagerly awaiting the PlayStation release.

While this recent news may not affect PC players, it is undeniably disappointing for those who were eagerly anticipating playing on a larger screen rather than on their mobile devices.

No explanation has been provided for this decision, and it has not been well received by fans. What was once an exciting announcement has now turned sour and disheartening. For more information about the game, please visit the official website and Twitter page.

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