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The collaboration between Mobile Legends and Sanrio has sparked immense excitement among gamers. The Advance Server has already showcased the activation of this collaboration, bringing back some beloved skins such as Angela Hello Kitty for purchase. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of the event, its phases, and the potential rewards that await players.

Mobile Legends x Sanrio Comes with The Angela Hello Kitty Skins

Mobile LEgends Hello Kitty

The collaboration event is scheduled to make a comeback on the public servers starting from July 3, 2023. This means that players will have the opportunity to obtain exclusive and cool event skins when the event is active on the Advance Server. Notably, the event will reintroduce previous collaboration skins for characters like Floryn, Chang’e, and Claude.

Another fascinating aspect of the Mobile Legends x Sanrio Collaboration Event is the introduction of two Token Recharge phases. The Recharge quests will include tasks such as logging into the game, making a 50 diamond recharge while the event is ongoing, making a 100 diamond recharge, making a 250 diamond recharge, spending 100 diamonds, and spending 250 diamonds during the Event Recharge period. Players will accumulate a total of 29 tokens from all the event activities, including Collab Event Preorder chests and additional tokens earned through participating in Recharge quests.

Lower Price for Hello Kitty Angela Skin:

These tokens can then be used to spin for the Hello Kitty Angela Skin, which will be available at a lower price compared to the previous event. Players will have the opportunity to obtain this exclusive collaboration skin for a more affordable cost, making it an exciting prospect for collectors and fans alike.

Insider leaks about the Mobile Legends x Sanrio Characters Collab Event suggest that the lucky draw rewards will be similar to the debut event in March 2022. Players can aim for the free Floryn collaboration skin by performing 10 draws during the event.

Players who already own exclusive event skins will receive an Epic or higher-tier skin as a reward. Lucky players might even secure a Collector Skin within their first 10 draws. The draws will follow a Bingo format, where players must achieve three straight lines in the Bingo Draw to obtain the guaranteed exclusive collaboration skin.

Looking back at the previous event, it becomes apparent that there were numerous sub-events associated with the Mobile Legends x Sanrio Characters Collab Event. With this in mind, players can eagerly anticipate a variety of captivating sub-events and their corresponding rewards to make a return this year.

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