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Remember Among Us, the highly popular deceitful game that boomed during the pandemic in 2020? Well, it’s finally getting an animated series adaptation, as reported by Variety. The series will follow the same storyline as the game, where there will be an individual or a crew member who is a hidden killer, ready to sabotage the spacecraft and backstab other crew members. The plot of the series will unravel the mystery of the impostor, which will undoubtedly be revealed in the final episode.

The team at Innersloth, the developers behind Among Us, are thrilled to collaborate with @OweeeeenDennis and all their partners to bring this Among Us series to life. They also express special gratitude to @bigpigeoncarl for representing them. Their overwhelming excitement and gratitude are evident, as they reveal that your support has made this project possible. They confess to the internal mix of screams and tears of joy!

This is an Exciting News for Fans Around The World!

The Among Us animated series promises to transport us back into the thrilling world of the spaceship, where suspicion and intrigue run high. Fans eagerly anticipate the engaging storytelling and unexpected plot twists that will captivate and entertain them.

This venture into the realm of animation is a smart move by Innersloth, leveraging the success of their game to provide a deeper and more immersive experience for their dedicated fans. It is not only expected to entertain existing fans but also serve as an enticing introduction to those who haven’t yet delved into the Among Us universe. Witnessing the story unfold in animated form may entice newcomers to experience the excitement that millions of players worldwide have already enjoyed.

The announcement of the Among Us animated series has generated a wave of excitement and enthusiasm among fans. As we eagerly await the final product, it is sure to be an unforgettable treat for dedicated fans and a remarkable milestone in Among Us’ continued journey of success.

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