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Metal Slug: Awakening is a side-scrolling action shooting mobile game licensed by SNK. It combines retro aesthetics with a fresh art style and offers a variety of gameplay features. Players can enjoy upgraded visuals, a wide range of weapons, diverse battlefields, and various super-vehicles. The game Metal Slug Awakening is available to download for those interested.

The game authentically restores multiple iconic maps from the Metal Slug franchise, including classic locations like the pyramid, desert, and mine. It also introduces new elements such as world exploration, teaming up with friends in 3-player mode, and Roguelike gameplay.

Metal Slug: Awakening stays true to the essence of the Metal Slug IP, featuring heart-pounding gameplay levels, iconic characters, formidable bosses, and super vehicles. Players can engage in fast-paced side-scrolling adventures across different missions and environments.

The game offers a selection of advanced super vehicles, including sky-rides, tanks, and SV-camels, allowing players to unleash their combat abilities with flexibility. Additionally, players can utilize character-exclusive ultimate skills, wield unique advanced weapons, and upgrade their arsenal to take on epic boss battles.

Metal Slug: Awakening also includes surprises and Easter eggs throughout the game. Players can rescue the iconic Hyakutaro for mysterious gifts and coins, and encounter the active character Fat Marco. These hidden surprises add to the nostalgia and excitement of the arcade machine era, bringing back the features that made Metal Slug a legendary classic.

Download Metal Slug Awakening

Download Metal Slug Awakening APK Files:

APKS Files can be installed by using XAPK in Google Play!

Play Metal Slug Awakening on PC:

Customize Control for Metal Slug Awakening  on the emulator:

  • First of all, click on the keyboard icon that is available on the right side of the LDPlayer
  • After clicking the keyboard icon, there is going to be some button that you can choose in the emulator. One of which is the move buttons that looks like Joystick, and the other will let you do a tapping motion by clicking your keyboard.

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