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Prepare for an action-packed thrill as Activision announces Season 6: Templar’s Oath for Call of Duty Mobile. Following the intense events of the previous season, where players Got Wrecked, this new season promises no respite. Templar, previously on the brink of death at the hands of Ghost, returns in a formidable Mythic form. Get ready for an epic journey into the world of Templar’s Oath.

Season 6 introduces an abundance of content for both free and paid Battle Pass subscribers. Not only that, those that play for free can get rewards such as Grau, Assault riffle and more. Premium pass holders, on the other hand, gain exclusive operator skins, epic armaments, weapon blueprints, and a plethora of camos.

2 New Game Modes in Call of Duty Mobile

This update brings two thrilling game modes to the Call of Duty Mobile experience. First is the Multiplayer Arena mode, a 4x4x4 battle set in either New Vision City or Ecology Lab. Brace yourself for intense matches over multiple rounds, where the collapsing circle and absence of respawns raise the stakes.

Secondly, Goliath Crash 2.0 takes the stage, featuring more maps and a Golden Goliath. Engage in chaotic battles as two Death Machines wreak havoc simultaneously, with additional bonuses like infinite fire ability and temporary unlimited ammo. These modes offer enticing rewards that will enhance your gameplay.

New Kinetic Battle Royale Class in Season 6 Call of Duty Mobile

The new Kinetic Station Battle Royale class debuts in Season 6, granting players kinetic armour capable of deflecting bullets for a limited duration. However, it’s important to note that the armor remains vulnerable to melee, headshot, incendiary, and explosive damage. Unlock this exciting class by completing the Damage Denied seasonal mission, and dominate the battlefield with its unique defensive capabilities.

Season 6 presents the captivating Mythical Mission themed event. Engage in various games to collect Etched Stones, which can be utilized to occupy nodes offering exclusive advantages and rewards. Explore this themed event and conquer challenges to further enhance your gaming experience.

So, mark your calendars as Call of Duty Mobile Season 6: Templar’s Oath releases on June 5th at 5:00 pm PT. Prepare to immerse yourself in an epic Mythic adventure filled with intense battles, exciting rewards, and engaging new game modes.

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