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Are you ready for an epic update in the world of Mobile Legends? Moonton is bringing a massive update, version 1.7.94, packed with exciting content, including a brand-new Mobile Legends Marksman hero named Ixia.

Ixia, a skilled marksman, is set to join the MLBB roster on July 8th, 2023. With her exceptional long-range abilities, she brings a fresh dynamic to the battlefield. In the lore of MLBB, Ixia is a close companion of Layla, another marksman hero and one of the starting heroes available to players in MLBB.

Ixia Mobile Legends Skills:

  • Prepare to witness Ixia’s devastating long-range attacks. One of her standout abilities is her Ultimate Skill, “Full Barrage.” When activated, Ixia unleashes a barrage of projectiles, swiftly striking multiple enemies in front of her.
  • Additionally, her first skill, “Dual Beam,” inflicts damage and slows down enemies within a rectangular area directly in front of her. This skill also grants Ixia an increase in Movement Speed.
  • Furthermore, Ixia possesses the second skill, “Star Helix,” which allows her to shoot energy projectiles in a rectangular area, damaging enemies within its path. The energy released by Ixia pulls enemies in a single direction along the same line.
  • Ixia’s passive skill, “Siphon Starlium,” enables her to recover HP continuously while attacking enemies. Additionally, she gains extra movement speed during her assault.

Unfortunately, players have yet to experience Ixia’s power firsthand, as she will be released on July 8th, 2023, coinciding with the launch of the Mobile Legends 1.7.94 update. To acquire Ixia, players will need to collect 32,000 BP or spend 599 Diamonds to unlock this latest marksman hero.

As a special offer during the hero’s release, Moonton will provide a 30% discount to those purchasing Ixia using Diamonds. With the introduction of Ixia as the newest hero in Mobile Legends, players can enjoy a more diverse gameplay experience, strategizing with long-range assaults. Prepare for the arrival of Ixia and explore the power of this remarkable marksman hero in the world of Mobile Legends!

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