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YSS Takes the Crown as the Best Marksman Jungler in Mobile Legends with This Jungle Emblem- Granger has been one of the top Marksman junglers for quite some time, especially in the hypercarry meta where junglers take all the buffs and farm across the lanes.

However, with the latest update, Granger is no longer the go-to choice as a jungler. Today, we will reveal the best Marksman who can excel in the jungler role, along with the emblem needed to unleash their full potential.

YSS Emerges as the Ultimate Marksman in the New Jungle Emblem Mobile Legends

One of the standout heroes who not only excels as a Marksman but also shines as a jungler is Yi Sun-shin, better known as YSS. YSS has made a strong comeback thanks to a new emblem that unlocks his true potential in the jungle.

YSS can utilize the Seasoned Hunter talent to increase farming speed while still utilizing the base Assassin Emblem. The recommended third talent is Killing Spree, which grants YSS increased HP and movement speed every time he secures a kill.

The resurgence of YSS as a jungle can be attributed to the return of the Goldlaner role, where not only Marksman dominates the lane, but also powerful Fighter and Mage heroes make their presence felt.

This has allowed YSS to reclaim his throne as a hyper carry, showcasing his immense damage potential as both a Marksman and an Assassin. With his outstanding damage output, YSS poses a significant threat to his opponents.

Currently, Assassins are favoured over tanks as jungles since the jungle emblem has been removed. This shift has opened up exciting opportunities for heroes like YSS to shine and dominate the jungle like never before.

About Mobile Legends

Moonton created and release Mobile Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mobile game. It was released in 2016  for iOS and Android devices.

In the game, two teams of five players each control hero characters and compete against each other on a virtual battlefield. Each team tries to destroy the other team’s “base” while also defending their own. The objective is to destroy the enemy’s base and be the last team standing.

Players can choose from a variety of hero characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyle. The game also features various in-game items and abilities that players can use to strengthen their hero and gain an advantage over their opponents.

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