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Prepare yourselves, fans of the highly beloved gacha RPG Monster Strike! The game is about to embark on its third collaboration with the legendary anime series Demon Slayer, scheduled to launch on July 14th! This eagerly anticipated event will introduce a fresh lineup of characters, including new additions alongside the popular characters from the previous collaborations. Brace yourselves for a multitude of new content and thrilling experiences!

As a non-Japanese gamer, it’s bittersweet to discuss Monster Strike. While it had a presence in the States for a considerable time, the global version unfortunately faced challenges and was discontinued a few years ago due to insufficient success. It’s a regrettable turn of events because the unique pinball-esque gacha RPG offered a truly enjoyable experience. However, Japanese players are in luck, as they can still access the highly successful counterpart of the game!

With this third Demon Slayer collaboration, the dedicated Japanese audience will have even more exciting opportunities and an expanded roster of characters to collect. Among the new additions are Muchiro Tokito, Mitsuri Kanroji, and a special duo unit featuring Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado. While Tanjiro and Nezuko have made appearances before, this crossover event introduces them with a brand new set of skills, adding further depth to their gameplay.

In addition to the fresh faces, the beloved characters from the previous Demon Slayer collaborations will also return. This means a grand total of fifteen unique characters will be available for players to obtain from the new collab gacha banners. What’s more, some of these characters will be purchasable within the new collaboration starter pack, while others will be rewarded through various missions. It’s an abundance of new units awaiting your collection!

Don’t miss out on this exciting collaboration between Monster Strike and Demon Slayer. Japanese players, get ready to embark on an incredible adventure as you gather an array of amazing characters. Let the journey begin and seize the chance to strengthen your team with these captivating units!

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