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Truecaller Assistant, the AI-based call-screening solution, has arrived in India, offering a game-changing approach to handling incoming calls. Powered by cloud telephony and advanced machine learning, Truecaller Assistant brings an array of innovative features to enhance call screening and put users back in control of their communication.

What is Truecaller Assistant?

Truecaller Assistant stands out with its ability to engage in natural language interactions during calls. Gone are the days of robotic responses; this AI-powered assistant seamlessly converses with callers, allowing users to make quick decisions about accepting, rejecting, or marking calls as spam in a more human-like manner.

With the app, users can stay informed in real-time during calls. The feature offers live transcription, providing users with a text feed of the caller’s conversation. This valuable tool empowers users to assess the relevance and importance of the call as it happens, leading to more informed and efficient decision-making.

Understanding India’s linguistic diversity, Truecaller Assistant supports English, Hindi, and “Hinglish” languages, ensuring a wider reach and inclusivity for users across the country. While there are no immediate plans to add more Indian languages, the company remains committed to addressing user needs and preferences in the future.

To give users a taste of the Assistant’s capabilities, Truecaller offers a 14-day free trial for all Android users in India. After the trial period, users can continue enjoying the Assistant’s benefits by subscribing to the Truecaller Premium Assistant plan, starting at just INR 149 per month, making it an affordable choice for enhanced call management.

Truecaller Assistant Release in India with Promotional Offer

Truecaller sweetens the deal with a limited-time promotional offer, offering the Assistant at a reduced rate of INR 99 per month, making it even more enticing for users to unlock its full potential. While currently exclusive to Android users, the app is actively working on bringing the Assistant to iOS users in India. Despite the slight wait, the company remains dedicated to delivering a seamless call-screening experience to all users.

With the app, managing calls becomes a breeze. Embrace the power of AI and natural language interactions to handle calls efficiently. Download the app for Android now and say hello to the future of call-screening technology!

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