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Guide to Get Kagura Anime Skins Beyond The Clouds Mobile Legends Free! Calling all Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) players! Prepare yourselves for an upcoming opportunity to acquire one of the latest skins featured in the highly anticipated Beyond The Clouds event.

This event is going to be released on August and September with 3 skins for Kagura Xavier and Edith. In addition to the limited-edition skins, players will also have the chance to obtain various other skins up to Epic level during the MLBB Beyond The Clouds event.

How to Get the Kagura Skin for Free in MLBB Beyond The Clouds!

Kagura Anime Skins Beyond The Clouds Mobile Legends

As the whispers from the leakers suggest, players can get their hands on the Kagura skin for a limited time and completely free of cost by completing missions that enhance the discount offer to 100% off the original price.

According to the leaker, Elgin, players have the option to directly purchase the Kagura skin in MLBB Beyond The Clouds for 1,200 diamonds. However, by participating in the Elven Scroll event, players can significantly reduce the price to 0 diamonds. Here’s how players can acquire Ancient Relics and obtain the Kagura skin for free:

  1. Completing the Event Quest: Elven Scroll – The Elven Scroll event will kick off simultaneously with the MLBB Beyond The Clouds event, where players can collect Ancient Relics that can reduce the Kagura skin’s price by 1 diamond for each relic collected.
  2. Purchasing the Weekly Diamond Pass – Opting for the Weekly Diamond Pass will reward players with 220 Ancient Relics. Although this mission is optional, it can be instrumental in lowering the cost of the Kagura skin in MLBB Beyond The Clouds.
  3. Unlocking Relic Chests – Another way to obtain Ancient Relics is by unlocking Relic Chests. The chest is going to give 128-448 relics.

Can You Get the Kagura Anime Skins Beyond The Clouds Mobile Legends free?

Let’s calculate the total number of Ancient Relics players can earn during the MLBB Beyond The Clouds event:

  1. Event Quest Elven Scroll: 620 Ancient Relics
  2. Purchasing Weekly Diamond Pass: 220 Ancient Relics
  3. Relic Chests: 448 Ancient Relics

Total Ancient Relics: 1,288

Based on the above calculation, players can indeed acquire the Kagura skin in MLBB Beyond The Clouds for free. However, it’s important to note that this will require some luck in getting the maximum rewards from Relic Chests and purchasing the Weekly Diamond Pass to avail of the full 100% discount offer.

Nevertheless, players who are eager to obtain this alluring Kagura skin should actively participate in the MLBB Beyond The Clouds event and strive to get the best deals possible! So, gear up and embark on this exciting journey towards claiming the Kagura skin and other fantastic rewards in the realm of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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