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For months, rumors about Apple’s potential switch to solid-state buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro series have been circulating, sparking excitement and speculation among tech enthusiasts. While some recent reports suggested that Cupertino might postpone the project for another year, a new deep dive into the iOS 17 beta 4 code has revealed some intriguing details.

According to previous reports, Apple aims to replace all physical buttons on its iPhones with solid-state ones and introduce a new “Action Button” to replace the iconic mute switch, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra. The team at MacRumors has discovered a total of nine functions that can be accessed through the Action Button in the latest iOS 17 beta release.

More Functions Known in iOS 17 Including The Silent Mode

These functions include Silent Mode, which allows users to toggle all sounds off with a simple tap. Additionally, the new button will provide quick access to Accessibility features, Shortcuts, Camera, Flashlight, Magnifier, Translate, and Voice Memos.

As of now, the report does not delve into the specifics of how the Action Button will control all these aspects, but we can expect more details to surface soon. The big question remains: Will Apple introduce the Action Button to the iPhone 15 Pro series?

While nothing is certain until Apple makes an official announcement, the possibility of solid-state buttons and the addition of the Action Button opens up new possibilities for users to interact with their iPhones in a more seamless and convenient manner.

As we eagerly await further information, tech enthusiasts and Apple fans alike can’t help but wonder about the potential advancements and innovations that the iPhone 15 Pro series might bring. Let’s stay tuned for updates and see what the future holds for Apple’s iconic smartphone lineup.

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