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In the ever-evolving world of Mobile Legends, surprises are aplenty, and this time, it’s Ultimate Badang taking the spotlight with a peculiar bug. Players have recently discovered a glitch that causes his devastating ultimate ability to deal damage in unexpected places.

Badang Mobile Legends Bug

To trigger this intriguing bug, players must equip Badang with the red buff. Once that’s done, here’s the exciting part – activating skill 2 and ultimate in rapid succession, even without directing them towards the enemy. The result? A surprising display of damage dealt to nearby foes.

Now, before you rush to try out this bug in your matches, heed our advice. Proceed with caution and think twice before utilizing the bug. While it may grant you a temporary advantage, exploiting bugs is not the fair way to play the game. The developers at Moonton have put in tremendous effort to create an enjoyable experience for everyone. Let’s respect their hard work and refrain from taking unfair advantage.

We’re curious to hear your thoughts on this newfound bug. Have you encountered it in your matches, or do you prefer to avoid it altogether? Let’s discuss in the comments below, and may the battle in Mobile Legends continue to be both thrilling and bug-free!

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